Dynamic Workflow Solutions for Business

Cloud Based Solution Service Provider, Dynamic Workflow Solutions For Business, SAP/ERP Integration,
SMS/Email Integration, System Generate Organogram of Company, Data Upload through CSV,
Social Media sites Integration, Audit Trail.


Cloud based solutions

Cloud based solutions provides Flexibility, Disaster Recovery, Work from anywhere,
Document Control, Security, Competitiveness & Environmentally friendly.


SMS/Email Integration

With the integration of Email and SMS marketing, the results can be in these four
striking benefits as Reach, Response time, Length & Satisfaction.


Organogram of your company

If you wonder how to draw an organization chart; reach us and purchase any product.
You can generate Organogram from Admin Module.


SAP / ERP Integration

Solutions can integrate with serve as a strategic front end that extends the reach
of your SAP/ERP system. Every employee and supplier can use access from their
desk or their mobile with little or no training or enablement.


Dynamic Workflow defined by your Organization

These systems help increase the workflow’s reflective and responsibility, which means it assistance directors keep closer footpath of all as well as confirms each of the team associates distinguish what they should be doing.


Data upload through CSV

Data upload through CSV gives you Bulk Upload option in which you cannot have to
make Data Entry in the system. Generate Excel sheet and convert it in to CSV.
Just upload it and all data will uploaded in the system.


Social Media site integration

It provides mainly 5 benefits as Expand your business network, Easy to manage, Analytics
and reports, Content aggregation and scheduling & Improved analysis and forecasts.


Audit Trail

System will allow that you need to track what people are doing within your business’s developed system and when they are doing. You must to be able to set suitable limits for each user.